Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kate + Evan

I had the privilege of designing this wedding invite for Kate + Evan. They tie the knot in just a few weeks. I cannot wait to see photos of this wedding as I know it will be amazing!! Both of them are so clever and creative. Their home is filled with treasures they have found, then spruced up with a bit of DIY, and the result, a masterpiece.

You may remember a post from a few years ago when we had a girlie weekend at Kate + Evan's home on the peninsula. Kate is the queen of op-shopping and garage sale hunting and I just know their wedding styling will be to-die-for.

The photo is of Kate + Evan's favourite tree from the area where they will get married. I added a bit of a vintage look to it to encapture their love of all things pre-loved.

My obsession for weddings has not let up after Our Big Day. I love designing invites, so if you are after a designer for yours, please get in touch. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Big Day

We got married!!!!!

It was the best day and so nice to share it with all our wonderful family and lovely friends. The ceremony was at home in the garden where I grew up overlooking our dairy farm. Then followed by the reception at the local Colyton Hall. Here I played at pre-school, acted in drama productions, learnt knots at Keas and Cubs and partied at my 21st.  So it made sense to celebrate the best day of our lives in this fabulous old country hall. AMAZING!

 Here is a short video from Our Big Day.