Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Big Day tea towels

Our Big Day is approaching very quickly. 6 weeks to go!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee (excited/nervous squeal). I have been having a lot of fun working on the details of the wedding. We are having the ceremony in the garden of my child hood home, overlooking the family dairy farm with the reception just round the corner in the local hall.

Being a graphic designer, one of my favourite things has been designing the invites and all the stationery to go with it.

Thought I would share some pics of our wedding tea towel. Yeap, you heard right, a tea towel.

Going with the 1920's theme I went with an elegant Art Deco style design. The monogram at the top has filtered through to the rest of our stationery. I used a few different type faces following the style of the 1920's and added a few little quirks.

We chose orange for the print, as this went with our Sun burst theme or coral, orange yellow and a hint of minty green. They were folded up, then tied with white paper string and a yellow swing tag with the name of the invited hand-written on it. Then they went into a cellophane bag with pink and white washi tape to secure it shut.

We have had a lot of lovely feedback from our guests. A few comments included, 'Can we use it?' 'We won't forget the date' and 'It arrived just in time for spag bol tonight.'

Designing invites for my clients big day is my favourite thing to do. So if you are after a designer for yours, please get in touch.

Will be posting more wedding details after the Big Day, so look out for them.


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  1. Loved the invite stace, was gorgeous and such a cute surprise. As a member of the Whelan teatowel club, it was right up our alley