Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good-bye the little red teacup

After a few business name shenanigans my blog is now called The Blushing Teacup. I have brought all the blogs over from the little red teacup, and it all looks the same, just with a slightly changed name. Sounds much better don't you think?

So to start a fresh I have put a few pics up of my lovely Gran's jewelery, which i inherited a few months ago. As I don't wear a lot of it, but it is very dear to me, I thought why not make it into art. So I have been playing around with my camera and taken a few pics to share.

How is this related to tea? Well it is my Gran's teacup that features in The Blushing Teacups logo.

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  1. Hi I have finally checked out your blog (it's difficult to find time to do much when you're unemployed) and I love it! It is going on my blog roll xx