Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fit for Royal-tea

I was given this box of tea for a Secret Santa last Christmas while holidaying in Italy. I absolutely love the box it came in and although the original tea is long gone, I still have it to keep my latest brews in.

It was a Fortnum & Mason tea by the name of Royal Blend. The tea was first created in the summer of 1902, for King Edward VII and has been popular ever since. It has a smooth, almost honey-like flavour.  It is made from low-grown Flowery Pekoe from Ceylon which gives an uplifting note to the maltier Assam. A very traditional cup of tea that can be drunk any time of the day. Best served with milk.

The tiny teacups also in the photo are one of my many op shop finds years ago in the The Salvation Army, Hastings, NZ.

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