Sunday, July 15, 2012


Recently, we had our second crafternoon at Amy's lovely South Melbourne home. It was a grey miserable day, so we all snuggled up and happily crocheted, gossiped and giggled the afternoon away.

Now that we all have the chain and treble stitch down to a T, we have started experimenting with different stitches, changing colours, and creating shapes other than the traditional granny square.

Tania has been crocheting like mad and has an actual blanket
| One of my granny squares with Amys bright and bold teacups |
Jo's cool and colourful creations 

Amy's cat joined us for the afternoon. Meet Pixie, the British Blue. She has a gorgeous thick coat which is the colour of a thundery sky, and these massive intense gold eyes, that just stare at you as if to say 'and what?' She is the coolest cat I have ever met.

Pixie the teapot

A special thank you to Amy for having us, and I am looking forward to our next Happy Hookers convention.

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  1. He he - Pixie looks like a model posing for a photo shoot! I can't wait to see the final product of all your efforts!