Monday, April 23, 2012

Scones and jam in a cup

I had a quick wander through T2 today on my lunch break and they have a new range of teas for Mothers Day. In good ol' T2 style, they had them all brewed and ready for tasting. As I have a very soft spot for scones and jam, I was immediately drawn to this flavour.

T2 Scones and Jam tea - Photos by T2

A Sencha green tea with "a fruity edge and a quince punch." T2 claim that it "is best when shared with good friends and good laughs." Sounds like my kind of tea. It was light and fresh, just how I like it.

The tea cube is filled with loose leaf flavoured green tea, an infuser and recipe book (filled with recipes from the T2 staff). The packaging is this fantastic limited edition design in bright pink, green and yellow.

Other flavours in the series are:
Apple Crumble
Russian Tea Cake
Breakfast in bed

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